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Relationships Retreat

November 4 - November 5
All Day
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Relationships Retreat is for students in 7th and 8th grade.

Nov 4-5, 2022 | Adventure Campus | $89 until 10/1 | $99 until 10/15 | $109 until 11/4


The weekend is designed to challenge students to think biblically about relationships, sex, self-image, and how this way of thinking will affect them in their everyday lives.


There are two separate tracks:

  • Our 7th graders will tackle the theme of being BRAVE in relationships, talking about family, friends, body development, and healthy conflict.
  • Our 8th graders will cover the more sensitive topics including sex, pornography, homosexuality, identity, and marriage.

Our youth are bombarded daily with messages that give them a skewed sense of what relationships and sexual intimacy look like. We want to give them God’s view of intimacy and friendships in a setting that encourages open communication. This is that one retreat that you will never regret sending your student to.


EVENT SCHEDULE @ Bayside Adventure: 

Friday, November 4

  • Check-In | 3:00pm
  • Check-out | 9:30pm

Saturday, November 5

  • Check-In | 8:30am
  • Check-out | 9:00pm